About Us

Mondha System Co., Ltd.

Mondha Systems Co., LTD. was established in 1992 to operate in the electric engineering field. The company has been staffed with highly qualified and skillful executives, technicians, and employees.Our core activities include; designing the electric system for government and private agencies, especially the private real estate projects.

For more than 30 years, the company is continuously improving, to keep pace with ever-advancing technology and improve its performance to accommodate the expansion of its requirementstherapidly growing workload.

We deeply understand and have long-standing experience in engineering.

We are aware of the customer’s requirement and ensure our ability to choose and build the best technology and to provide the customers with the best quality service and attention.

Our Services


Our Design is following the standard but also having our own uniqueness

Electrical Engineering Our design is delivered by our professional engineer specialist in indoor-outdoor electrical system and controling system

Lighting Design We do the outstanding lighting design for all space especially tall building

Product We design every electrical product which combind LED Lighting and special design to match perfectly with your idea


Our production is done by professional sta s who take care in every details


Electrical system Installation is our profession

Abseiling Our Team is a number one team for abseiling installation , we are professional on tall building, we do abseiling installation for both LED lighting decoration and lighting signage

Lighting & Electrical System Both indoor and outdoor with our professional team on electrical system and lighting control


We maintenance every kind of facade lighting, lighting system and electrical system